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Acknowledgements and Credits

The Department of Paleobiology would like to thank all those who worked on the project. The following people provided, reviewed, or edited content.

Dept. of Paleobiology:

My Le J. Ducharme, Project Manager

Jennifer Young, Project Coordinator

Matt Carrano, Curator of Dinosaurs

Mike Brett-Surman, Collections Specialist & Dinosaur Specialist

Steve Jabo

Pete Kroehler

Fred Grady

Special thanks to our volunteers and contractors:

Kris Hooks

Marsha Rehns

Anne Stewartson

Natasha Atkins

The following people provided images:

Rich Penney

Joe Tucciarone

Chip Clark

Mike Brett-Surman

Matt Carrano

Steve Jabo

My Le Ducharme

With special thanks to Titan Digital for web design, Interactive Flash development , and 3D modeling. Special thanks also  XYZRGB  for 3D imaging.