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  1. Dinosaurs represent failure and extinction.
  2. Dinosaurs and "humans" coexisted.
  3. Dinosaurs were either all hot-blooded or all cold-blooded.
  4. The word dinosaur means "terrible-lizard."
  5. Whatever you read in the latest "dinosaur book" or see on T.V. or in the movies must be true.
  6. Dinosaurs all lived and died at the same time.
  7. Mammals arose after the dinosaurs, and helped drive the dinosaurs into extinction by eating dinosaur eggs.
  8. An asteroid (or comet) killed the dinosaurs.
  9. All big reptiles from the prehistoric past ("Monsters") are dinosaurs.
  10. Archaeologists dig up dinosaurs.

4. The word dinosaur means "terrible-lizard."
Actually it was originally defined to mean "fearfully-great lizard", by Richard Owen in 1842. The greek word "deinos", when used as a superlative, means "fearfully-great" (as used by Homer in The Iliad). It became simplified over time, as a simple adjective, to mean "terrible". Dinosaurs are neither terrible nor are they lizards!