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This website was designed and written by Mary Parrish, staff illustrator in the Department of Paleobiology, with the exception of the fur seal report, written by Sarah Pelot, and the Diplodocus conservation treatment report, written by Fei Wen Tsai. Information in the historical art section of the site was obtained from discussions and research leads provided by Michael Brett-Surman, David Bohaska, Matthew Carrano, Robert Emry, Nicholas Hotton, Francis Hueber, Jim Mead, Robert Purdy, Clayton Ray, Martha Rosen, Liz Valiulis, and Ellis Yochelson.

Valuable assistance and guidance on the historical art project were provided by staff at the Smithsonian Center for Materials Research and Education and the Smithsonian Institution Archives.

Sarah Pelot researched many of the illustrations, and provided the majority of the rehousing and inventory work on the collection. Jann Thompson (Deputy Chair and Collections Manager, Department of Paleobiology) has supported this project financially and philosophically for many years, as have several Department Chairmen (William DiMichele, Richard H. Benson, Doug Erwin, and Scott Wing).

Paper conservators FeiWen Tsai and Dianne van der Reyden provided most of the conservation training and support, and paper conservator Nora Lockshin provided conservation for two very large illustrations.Finnegan Marsh assisted greatly in setting up a FileMaker Pro database and in many other ways. Britt Griswold provided technical assistance when building the website. Kris Hooks proofread and helped edit the site. Scott Wing provided editorial advice. Smithsonian archivists Alyssa Pease, Tammy Peters, Paul Theerman and Tara Turluk provided advice.

Many other Individuals have assisted with historical art, illustration care, and/or illustration projects in the Department of Paleobiology over the years. If I have accidentally omitted a name please contact me and I will add you to the list.

Fellows, interns and volunteers
Keshaun Blunt, Corcoran College of Art and Design
Jonas Bucinskas-Bichell, Virginia Commonwealth University
Vida, Gintas and Zina Bucinskas-Bichell, Volunteers, Department of Paleobiology
Sondra Cohelan, University of California, Santa Cruz
Jeff Dunbar, Graduate Fellow, Winterthur/University of Delaware Program in Art Conservation
Laura Fry, Rhode Island School of Design
Lauren House, Rhode Island School of Design
Grace Igot, Undergraduate art history major, Montgomery College
Kimberly Martin, Moorhead State University
Larry Kuo, Postgraduate, Graduate Institute of Museum Studies, Tainan National College of the Arts, Taiwan
Katie Loughney, Beloit University , undergraduate Geology major
DucPhong Doan Nguyen, Graduate student, Museum Studies Program, George Washington University
Erin Parrish, Virginia Tech
Kathryn Parrish, Virginia Commonwealth University
Porfiria Riojas, Volunteer, National Museum of Natural History
Christa Savino, George Washington University Museum Studies Program, and Baltimore Museum of Art
Molly Schafer, Corcoran College of Art and Design
Sarah Stauderman, Post graduate Fellow, Conservation Analytical Laboratory
Mary Studt, Post-graduate Fellow, Virginia Historical Society
Heather Tennison, Pre-program Conservation Fellow
Farideh Schonberger, Volunteer, Department of Paleobiology
Katie Schuyler, Corcoran College of Art and Design
Su-fen Yen, Visiting Conservation Scholar, National Palace Museum, Taiwan

Photo credits
Smithsonian Photographic Services
Michael Barnes
James DiLoreto
Don Hurlbert
Diane Nordeck
John Steiner
Richard Strauss
Young-kyuYang (intern)
Lori Penland
Other photo and scanning credits
Gintas Buchinskas-Bichell
Katie Loughney
Mary Parrish
Sarah Pelot
Heather Tennison
FeiWen Tsai

Illustration Care
Illustration Techniques