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Title image: Paleo Art: Highlights from the Department of Paleobiology.  Image of Marella, Diplodocus and Opabinia.
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Illustration Care

Illustration Techniques

Paleontological art has been used to help disseminate Smithsonian paleontological research findings since the Institution was founded in 1846 and continues today. This website highlights some of the Smithsonian Institution's most interesting historical paleo art, provides information about taking proper care of illustrations, and discusses techniques for creating paleontological and other scientific illustrations.

Kellogg Illustration Collection

  The Kellogg Illustration Collection:
Whale Bones (Fossil and Modern)

Carboniferous swamp

  Reconstructing a Late
Carboniferous Swamp from Illinois
Early Cretaceous scene Reconstructing an Early Cretaceous scene from Maryland




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Paleo Art site launched 1/3/05


Ink wash illustration of Marrella Ink wash illustration of the skull of Diplodocus Color life restoration of Opabinia