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Ruth Todd Biographical Material:

  • The memorial volume on the life and work of Joseph Cushman was organized and edited by Ruth Todd. Published by Cushman Laboratory after his death, it includes chapters written by Ruth Todd, Alice Cushman and John Reeside, among others.
  • Great Names in Micropaleontology, a book chapter written by Ruth Todd on the contributions of Joseph Cushman (in Foraminifera, Part 2, Academic Press).
  • An unpublished biographical sketch of Joseph Cushman written by Ruth Todd and submitted to Karl Gelpke of Sharon, Massachusetts.
  • Joseph A. Cushman and the Study of Foraminifera was written by Ruth Todd as a chapter of the Geological Society of America's Centennial Special Volume 1. Used with permission from The Geological Society of America.
  • Ruth Todd compiled biographical notes for a Joseph Cushman biography. These are her year summaries beginning in 1929 and continuing until his death in 1949.

Ruth Todd audio clips

Ruth Todd describes her arrival at the Sharon MA lab to begin her work with Dr. Cushman

Ruth Todd talks about Cushman fishing in Randolph NH and his work with genealogies

Other Biographical Material:

Miscellaneous Newspaper Clippings

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