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Biography and Timeline

Family photo of Joseph Cushman at seven years

Early Years

Born in Bridgewater, MA, 31 January 1881 to Darius and Jane Cushman. As a young boy, Cushman loved nature and baseball.

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Family photo of Joseph Cushman in 1901, the year he began his studies at Harvard

Education and Family

Received his bachelor's and Ph.D. degrees from Harvard. Married Alice Wilson (1903) and had three children. Widowed 1912; remarried 1913.

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Joseph Cushman on horse during his field work in Mexico for Marland Oil in 1923

Early Career

Cushman worked as a curator with the Boston Society of Natural History before turning his attention to forams and oil exploration.

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The Sharon Laboratory was a research facility designed and built by Dr. Cushman in 1923

Sharon (MA) Laboratory

Sharon laboratory, the center of foraminiferal research in the early part of the twentieth century, trained a generation of researchers.

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Dr. Cushman at his desk in 1945

Cushman's Legacy

Upon his death, Cushman bequeathed his scientific collection to the Smithsonian.

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