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Cushman's Gift, Legacy, & Memorials


Several obituaries and memorials were published following Joseph Cushman's death in 1949.

Dr. Cushman's Gift to the Smithsonian

Joseph Cushman greatly appreciated his connection to the Smithsonian. Upon his death, Joseph Cushman bequeathed his entire collection and library to the Smithsonian Institution, stipulating that it be kept intact and added to over time. Today Cushman's Collection has grown to be the largest of its kind and it is visited by scholars from all over the world.

Dr. Cushman's Legacy

Joseph Cushman's legacy began when he concluded that the classification of foraminifera was in need of a closer look. His life's work transformed the study of foraminifera and led to the development of new techniques in oil exploration which revolutionized an entire industry. Joseph Cushman's legacy is alive today and is evident in the work of the Cushman Foundation.

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