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Department of Paleobiology

  • Hans-Dieter Sues
  • Curator of Vertebrate Paleontology and
    Department Chairman
  • Phone:   202-633-1355
  • Fax:   202-786-2832
  • E-mail Address:   sueshat SI dot edu
  • Mailing Address:
    Smithsonian Institution
    PO Box 37012, MRC 121
    Washington, DC 20013-7012
  • Shipping Address:
    Smithsonian Institution
    National Museum of Natural History
    10th & Constitution NW
    Washington, DC 20560-0121


Ph.D. Harvard University, 1984
M.A. Harvard University, 1978
M.Sc. University of Alberta, 1977
Cand. geol. Johannes Gutenberg-Universität, 1975
Certificate, Museum Management Program, J. Paul Getty Trust, 2000

Research Interests

Evolutionary morphology and phylogeny of late Paleozoic and Mesozoic tetrapods, especially archosaurian reptiles and non-mammalian cynodonts. Evolution of terrestrial ecosystems (see website).


  • Research Associate, North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences
  • Adjunct Professor, Graduate Program in Behavior, Ecology, Evolution, Systematics, University of Maryland at College Park

Editorial Service

  • Member of Editorial Board, Geological Magazine
  • Member of Editorial Board, Journal of Paleontology
  • Member of Editorial Board, Paläontologische Zeitschrift
  • Associate Editor, PeerJ
  • Associate Editor, Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences
  • Associate Editor, Comptes Rendus Palevol
  • Editor, Handbook of Paleoherpetology (Verlag Dr. Friedrich Pfeil, Munich)
  • Co-Editor, Critical Moments and Perspectives in Earth History and Paleobiology (Columbia University Press, New York)

Selected Publications (since 2010)

S. Brusatte, A. Averianov, H.-D. Sues, A. Muir, and I. B. Butler. 2016. New tyrannosaur from the mid-Cretaceous of Uzbekistan clarifies evolution of giant body sizes and advanced senses in tyrant dinosaurs. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA doi: 10.1073/pnas.1600140113

R.R. Schoch and H.-D. Sues. 2015. A Middle Triassic stem-turtle and the evolution of the turtle body plan. Nature 523: 584-587.

H.-D. Sues and P.E. Olsen. 2015. Stratigraphic and temporal context and faunal diversity of Permian-Jurassic continental tetrapod assemblages from the Fundy rift basin, eastern Canada. Atlantic Geology 51: 139-205.

M.C. Lamanna, H.-D. Sues, E.R. Schachner, and T.R. Lyson. 2014. A new large-bodied oviraptorosaurian theropod dinosaur from the latest Cretaceous of western North America. PLoS ONE 9(3): e92022. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.092022

H.-D. Sues and R.R. Schoch. 2013. Reassessment of cf. Halticosaurus orbitoangulatus from the Upper Triassic (Norian) of Germany – a pseudosuchian, not a dinosaur. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 168: 859-872.

Averianov, A., and Sues, H.-D. 2012. Correlation of Late Cretaceous continental vertebrate assemblages in Middle and Central Asia. Journal of Stratigraphy 36:462-485.

Reisz, R.R., Evans, D.C., Roberts, E., Sues, H.-D. and Yates, A.M. 2012. Nesting site and reproductive biology of the Early Jurassic sauropodomorph dinosaur Massospondylus. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, 109:2428-2433.

Sues, H.-D., Nesbitt, S.J., Berman, D.S., and Henrici, A.C. 2011. A late-surviving basal theropod dinosaur from the latest Triassic of North America. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 278:3459-3464.

Rowe, T.B., Sues, H.-D., and Reisz, R.R.. 2011. Dispersal and diversity in the earliest North American sauropodomorph dinosaurs. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 278:1044-1053.

Sues, H.-D. and Fraser, N.C. 2010. Triassic Life on Land: The Great Transition. Columbia University Press, New York, 236 pp.

Sues, H.-D., and Hopson, J.A. 2010. Anatomy and phylogenetic relationships of Boreogomphodon jeffersoni (Cynodontia: Gomphodontia) from the Upper Triassic of Virginia. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 30:1202-1220.